Automate returns,
skip the hassle

Managing returns is one of the most challenging aspects of e⁠‑commerce. Orderback simplifies and automates returns. Your customers receive the best experience while reducing time and effort for your team.

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Simplify returns with a self-service customer portal

With Orderback, customers can easily initiate return requests through a user-friendly portal and without the need for a customer service team.

Automate email responses

Reduce manual workload and improve customer communication by automating email responses.

Automate the creation of return shipping labels

Automatically generate return shipping labels for eligible orders, ensuring customers can return products quickly and conveniently.

Set rules for which orders and products are eligible for return

Not all products or orders may be eligible for return. With Orderback, you have complete control over the returns policy. Set custom rules based on product type and condition. Automatically verify the eligibility of return requests to minimize errors.

Manage shipping and restocking fees

Determine if the buyer pays the fee or if the return is free. Based on your policy, automatically calculate and charge customers for return shipping.