Free up your team’s time with automated returns management

Improve your customer satisfaction and save time by automating your RMA process.

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Save valuable time and increase efficiency

Cut down on back-and-forth emails with customers and boost the productivity of your customer support team using a fully automated returns process.

Gain insights into your customer's journey

Make strategic business decisions based on the returns data provided by customers. Convert returns to exchanges and improve customer satisfaction.

Seamlessly connect to Sellercloud

Empower your business and establish a consistent RMA experience across your channels by integrating Orderback with your Sellercloud account.

Simplify the return process

Offer your customers an intuitive and convenient self-service return experience. Make it easier than ever for customers to return or exchange items at all times without involving your customer support staff in the process.

Increase the efficiency of your support team

Orderback’s return automation gives your team the flexibility to manage their time better and impress your customers with a seamless and convenient RMA process. With fewer calls and emails to support, your team is able to save time and focus on other high priority tasks.

Gain full visibility into your returns process

The out of the box integration with Sellercloud allows you to seamlessly analyze your customer’s product return reasons and order history alongside your financial data. Gain valuable feedback about your products, optimize your business based on these insights and reduce fraudulent claims.

Returns don’t need
to be a hassle

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Returns don’t need
to be a hassle

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