Optimize your returns and delight your customers with fast and easy exchanges

Automate your
returns management

Save your support team the hassle of answering tons of emails and automate your entire return process.

Convert refunds
into exchanges

Save sales and build customer loyalty by turning refunds and returns into quick and easy exchanges.

prepaid return labels

Automatically send your customers the necessary return labels as a final step in the return process.

Let customers

Give your customers the ability to place a new order or reorder and pay within the app.

In-app shop
and download

Allow users to shop for digital content and download it straightaway.


Enable users to pay within the app using a waytopay.me link.

“In 2023, the retail return rate was 14.5%, amounting to $743 billion in total merchandise returns. For every $1 billion in sales, on average, retailers simultaneously rack up $145 million in returns.”

National Retail Federation

Delight your customers with a
pleasant customer experience

Flexible self-service returns portal

Provide your customers with a powerful return experience like no other. Our convenient self-service portal lets shoppers start a return at all times and print their own shipping labels without the need to involve your customer support team.

Quick and easy exchanges

Quick and easy exchanges

Retain your sales by giving your customers more options than a simple refund. Offer your customers the option to effortlessly replace the product ordered for a product variant or another item from your product catalog.

Brand customization

Set up your very own professional-looking customized return portal for your brand. Create a unique and immersive brand experience for your customers using custom colors, logo, and design.

Streamlined returns workflow

Free up your team’s time and eliminate the need for manual intervention in the returns process. Allow your team to easily review, track, and manage return requests in one place in a matter of seconds.

Integration with Sellercloud

Empower your business by integrating Orderback with all of your order and product data. Easily connect with the Sellercloud e-commerce growth platform and gather all of your RMA data in one place.

Returns don’t need
to be a hassle

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Returns don’t need
to be a hassle

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